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SAN238-VariGLAZE Technical Drawing

VariGLAZE℠ is a restorative bonding process utilizing two very durable coatings plus decorative accent chips to overlay the entire surface. The base is a pigmented coating available in a variety of colors; the top coat is a clear coating. This process will change the color of both the tile and grout to create a neat, unified look. A special compound of micro-particles can be added to enhance appearance and improve the coefficient of friction. VariGLAZE℠ provides an exceptionally high level of appearance and the ultimate in protection.

Where and When to Specify?

VariGLAZE℠ is specified for all tile sizes. It is recommended for surfaces that need a color change and facelift; and for situations where an extremely durable coating is required.

Process Steps

Step 1

Clean and prep entire surface using SaniGLAZE’s XcelKLEEN℠ process to remove contaminants and to prepare tile and grout for application of SaniGLAZE® coatings.

Step 2

Install SaniMAX-C® protective shield over the entire surface.

Step 3

Apply decorative SaniCHIPS™ over the shield.

Step 4

Install SaniMAX® protective shield over the entire surface..

Primary Products Used

Surface Shield Group:

  • SaniMAX-C®: Extremely durable, pigmented topical coating based on the revolutionary new Xolite® polymer that is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces. Available in a variety of colors.
  • SaniMAX®: Extremely durable, clear topical coating based on the revolutionary Xolite polymer that is suitable for a wide variety of tile & grout surfaces.
  • SaniCHIPS™: An array of accent flakes available in various color schemes that are comprised of water based resin materials and inorganic minerals. They are used to coordinate tile surfaces with any décor.
  • Textite®: A compound of micro-particles that can be added to SaniMAX-C® or SaniMAX® to improve the coefficient of friction (COF) and improve appearance. Available in various particle sizes to create the desired COF.


Restores surface to a brand new appearance

Prevents soil and moisture penetration

Eradicates foul odors

Repels bacteria, mildew and mold

Simplifies maintenance

Eliminates expense of replacement



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