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"With SaniGLAZE, it looks like you have put in a new floor and we no longer have to worry about the heavy floor care in the bathrooms. The product is worth its weight in gold; it reduces the time it would take to do floor work in challenging areas."



JoAnne Lycans

Mease Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin, FL

"Before working with SaniGLAZE, we cleaned our tiles the best we could but were not happy with the results. It was time to either replace the tile or take a different direction. The VariGLAZE system was the right choice for us. We were able to choose color options and it enabled us to re-design the restroom without replacing the floors."



Clint Smith

Citrus County School Board

"I visited three SaniGLAZE customer hospitals to evaluate SaniGLAZE before installing it on my floors. I could not be happier! My tile and grout looks new and there is no dark discoloration of the grout. I would highly recommend SaniGLAZE to any medical facility looking to restore their existing floors."



John Crouch

Advent Health Tampa, FL

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