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The SaniGLAZE process offers a permanent solution to cleaning or replacing tile and grout.

Using expert procedures and specially formulated products, The SaniGLAZE process eliminates the headaches associated with trying to clean and maintain stained and unsanitary tile & grout surfaces. This multi-step process not only restores tile and grout surfaces to their original beauty, but it also eliminates porosity to keep them that way - safe, sanitary and beautiful.

Making Sure Your Tile and Grout Stays Clean

How? After the embedded contaminants are removed, a proprietary armor-like polymer is applied to the grout. This rigorously tested material bonds permanently with the clean grout making it non-porous so dirt stays on the surface. Next, the entire surface is coated with a proprietary protective coating that creates a better-than-new surface integrity.

Immediate Results and Service That Lasts… Our Promise to You

Once we restore your tile and grout surfaces to their original luster, color and clarity, we keep them that way with the EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan. The exclusive program is our promise to you to keep your tile and grout surfaces clean and pristine for a lifetime. Entrust your tile and grout to the professional care of your local SaniGLAZE service provider and enjoy years of beauty.

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