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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have problems with tile and grout?

The porous nature of tile and grout surfaces makes them impossible to maintain. If you’ve often wondered how to clean tile and grout and maintain that like-new appearance, you’ve surely learned how difficult it can be. SaniGLAZE Processes restore tile and grout to a like-new appearance and produce a new surface integrity that is durable and easy to maintain. We eliminate cleaning and maintenance worries typically associated with tile and grout surfaces in both commercial buildings and residential settings.

How do SaniGLAZE Processes work?

A SaniGLAZE application is much more than a tile and grout cleaning procedure. These revolutionary multi-step restoration processes extract embedded contamination from within the tile and grout. Then, specially formulated grout overlay coatings and full surface shield coatings are applied to transform surfaces to a clean and like-new condition.

Do SaniGLAZE Processes eliminate odors?

Yes. SaniGLAZE Processes prevent bacteria, mold and other contaminants from penetrating tile and grout, thus preventing odors from developing below the surface. Any superficial odors are easily controlled with regular mopping and disinfecting.

How long do SaniGLAZE applications last?

Most SaniGLAZE Processes are long-term solutions. You may ask yourself, “How often will I need to reseal tile and grout?” For commercial installations,the grout bonding components of SaniGLAZE are designed to last for years. Most of the SaniGLAZE protective shield coatings have been improved to provide years of useful service under commercial conditions. Periodic rejuvenations are included in our EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan. In the home, a SaniGLAZE application will last for years and can easily be rejuvenated when the time comes, often eliminating the need to reseal tile and grout.

Are SaniGLAZE Processes guaranteed?

SaniGLAZE restoration processes can include an extended warranty option. Wonder how often to reseal tile and grout? Forget it! This warranty option can remain in effect as long as you adhere to the EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan prescribed for your surfaces by certified SaniGLAZE professionals. Satisfaction guaranteed! Advance appearance and sanitation beyond belief and no more worries about how to clean grout or tile.

Can SaniGLAZE Processes be installed with colors other than white?

Yes, SaniGLAZE Processes can be installed with a wide variety of designer colors. We can even make custom colors to match your decor.

How long does a SaniGLAZE restoration take?

Many restoration jobs can be completed overnight and are ready for foot traffic the next morning. Some jobs and projects may require additional time due to the scope of work, required dry time and area type.

Will there be any disruption to my business?

Generally not. A SaniGLAZE application is typically installed either at night or when your business is closed. There are no headaches and no mess. Even projects that require multiple days can be organized to minimize disruption and provide access to needed areas.

How much does the SaniGLAZE Processes cost?

The cost depends on the specific process selected, as well as the size, scope and difficulty of the job. Your SaniGLAZE professional service provider will perform a SaniGLAZE procedure on a small test area of the tile and grout to determine what the cost will be and eliminate any guesswork.

Will SaniGLAZE's procedures make my floors slippery or unsafe?

No. SaniGLAZE Processes actually improve the coefficient of friction on both wet and dry surfaces, producing a safer floor.

Can I see a sample before purchasing a SaniGLAZE application?

Yes, your service provider will be happy to perform a demonstration so you can see just how good it is going to look.

Is this something my cleaning crew can do?

SaniGLAZE Processes are available exclusively from highly trained, professional SaniGLAZE service providers. Though no special maintenance procedures or cleaning agents are required, your SaniGLAZE service professional will work with your cleaning crews to show them the best methods for maintaining the integrity of SaniGLAZE overlay coatings and shield coatings. Contact us today to locate a service provider in your area.

Can SaniGLAZE's processes change the color of my tile?

Yes, SaniGLAZE’s ChromaGLAZE and ChromaGLAZE+ processes can change the color of the entire tile and grout surface on floors and walls. SaniGLAZE has hundreds of colors to select from.

How do I care for my newly SaniGLAZED floors?
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