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Our Expert Technicians

Certified Technicians Make A Difference

When you manage a facility, SaniGLAZE Processes make a statement about you and your workplace. Staff and visitors notice the difference SaniGLAZE Processes make.

SaniGLAZE products are designed for results that exponentially improve the beauty and maintainability of tile and grout surfaces. These results are magnified when the work is completed by an expert. SaniGLAZE technicians go through extensive training to become certified in each SaniGLAZE Process. This helps ensure your project will be completed in a timely manner that meets or exceeds your expectations. Should problems arise for any reason, these technicians have access to resources that make sure issues are handled quickly and correctly.

SaniGLAZE technicians get the most out of SaniGLAZE Processes. Our technicians’ expertise is where the rubber meets the road!

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