For Cleaner, Maintainable
Tile Surfaces


No More Ugly Tile And Grout

SaniGLAZE can return the dingiest tile and grout to its original beauty. Tile destined for the landfill can easily be restored instead of replaced.


Safe, Odor-Free Tile Surfaces

SaniGLAZE eliminates the breeding ground for microorganisms, keeping your tile safe, sanitary and odor-free for a more healthy environment.


Easy to Keep Clean

SaniGLAZE eliminates the porosity of tile and grout, making it much easier to clean and care for.

The Right Tile Solution For Your Facility

For years, resourceful facility managers across North America have relied on SaniGLAZE to keep their tile and grout clean and sanitary. SaniGLAZE has an ideal solution for every type of facility and will work with you and your team to deliver the best products and maintenance for your specific challenges.

The SaniGLAZE Promise

SaniGLAZE International is the industry leader in tile and grout restoration and maintenance. With a commitment to excellence, our network of service providers delivers superior service when preserving the integrity and appearance of your tile and grout.

The SaniGLAZE Difference


A Smart Alternative To Replacement


Don’t replace dirty tile floors just because they seem impossible to clean. Restore them! As long as the tile is not severely damaged, SaniGLAZE tile restoration is the best option. It’s more cost effective than replacement, with minimal downtime. Plus, you will get additional protection that keeps your tile surfaces looking new for years.



Professional Technicians


SaniGLAZE professional technicians are specially trained and certified in all aspects of our proprietary tile and grout restoration processes. This training ensures that all work is performed properly and consistently delivers a high level of customer satisfaction.



Multiple Process Solutions


SaniGLAZE is not just one product or service. SaniGLAZE offers a variety of products and processes to fit your particular tile and grout situation.


Facilities Managers Love SaniGLAZE

“When a demonstration was arranged in one of my restrooms, it became obvious that the SaniGLAZE Process was the way to go. The SaniGLAZE Process has saved the school district time and money in the long run, along with granting the peace of mind of knowing the staff, students and general public feel confident using our restrooms due to the presentation of our floors and overall cleanliness.”

Bobby Moore

Supervisor Maintenance

Bexley City School District

Bexley, Ohio

“With SaniGLAZE, it looks like you have put in a new floor and we no longer have to worry about the heavy floor care in the bathrooms. The product is worth its weight in gold; it reduces the time it would take to do floor work in challenging areas.”

JoAnne Lycans
Mease Dunedin Hospital
Dunedin, Florida

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