Latest Developments


New Enhanced Durability and Ease of Cleaning

SaniMAX with the power of Xolite® is the last flooring surface you will ever need. SaniMAX is extremely durable and easy to clean. It exceeds the performance of urethane and epoxy systems without the drawbacks of either, giving you a truly sustainable flooring surface.


All the Benefits of SaniMAX… in Color

With the magic of SaniMAX-C, the color of tile floors and walls can, in just a few hours, be changed easily and affordably without the hassle and headache of remodeling.
SaniMAX-C has all the attributes and advantages of SaniMAX with the addition of color options.


Transforming Older Floors Into NEW Environments…With Color & Accents

VariGLAZESM produces a beautiful flooring transformation without remodeling by adding an explosion of color and sparkle. VariGLAZE has all of the attributes of SaniMAX-C and SaniMAX by layering SaniCHIPSTM between the two coatings.


An Environmentally Friendly Polyurethane Coating Formulated To Meet High Performance Standards

SaniTECH II is the latest generation polyurethane from SaniGLAZE. SaniTECH II is low VOC coating that has the performance properties – hardness, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance typically found only in solvent borne systems.