New SaniTECH® II Is A High Performance Urethane Coating

SaniTECH II is very useful in applications where a urethane product is preferred or offers the best overall product option.  SaniTECH II is extremely durable and has similar properties of two part solvent borne polyurethane coatings in a user and eco-friendly system.

SaniTECH II is a low, environmentally friendly VOC product.  Its performance properties include hardness and abrasion resistance.  The attributes of SaniTECH II include one-coat coverage, improved durability, superior appearance and non-yellowing properties. It is available in flat, semi-gloss and gloss finishes.

Expanded research and development and extensive testing have been part of the SaniTECH II development process in order to produce a product without a propensity to yellow. The SaniTECH II crosslinking system has virtually eliminated “receptor sites” that are the cause of chemical reactions or UV exposure, which can cause many urethane products to develop yellow patterns and tracks.