Franchise Opportunities in Tile and Grout Restoration

Finding the right fit


During the past decade, the tile and grout restoration industry has erupted, spawning a wide array of business opportunities. These range from residential to commercial businesses and simple cleaning to full restoration systems. There is money to be made in all sectors, but finding the right fit for your expectations and investment capabilities is generally the key to becoming profitable. The concept of franchising has made entering the tile and grout cleaning or restoration business relatively easy, but you have to study the opportunity carefully to see what type of technical training, support and marketing assistance you will receive.


Why it makes sense


The beauty of franchising is that someone else has made the major investment of time and money to develop a successful business model and cleaning/restoration process, as well as the marketing plan to promote it. The franchisor recoups their investment by charging franchise fees to investors who want to step into the business model and quickly engage in performing services and receiving an income. The franchisor depends on royalties, or small overrides on the work, along with proprietary product sales, for their continuing income.

A spectrum of opportunities


Franchise opportunities in the tile and grout restoration business can range from simply buying a job to operating a full scale tile commercial tile and grout restoration company that can earn you a six-figure income. The widest variety of opportunities lies in the residential market sector. These opportunities range from simply pressure cleaning tile and grout to grout restoration with colored grout sealers and stains.

The commercial sector is usually a much larger business operation that involves permanent, multi-step restoration processes. These processes involve more elaborate grout replacement and tile refinishing. Commercial work may also implement on-going maintenance programs that can promote business sustainability.


What you can expect


When a franchise fee is high, you should expect a high level of involvement with the franchisor in return. This can be a very good thing. Being successful in a franchise operation is no different than starting any other business venture. The more time and money you invest, the more likely it is that you will receive a good return on your investment. Look for franchisors that provide strong support and ongoing training.

Some franchisors will expect you to simply sell the franchise product or service after receiving some basic training. Other will provide more in-depth engagement in sales and the business model, facilitated by training acquired through online training websites, certification systems and industry-specific conferences and workshops.


Finding the right path


Tile and grout restoration can be a great business for a single person who wants to work at his own pace or for someone who wants to make a serious investment of time and energy in a new business enterprise. Whichever route you take, do your research on the franchisor first. Every thriving business began with careful, strategic planning – do your homework first to determine your best path to profit.