Beware of Unrealistic Tile Restoration Warranties

In addition to cleaning, restoration can also install coatings that will preserve your tile and grout surface and make it easier to keep clean. But, it’s vitally important to choose a restoration provider that will install the right coating and provide the right warranty.

Coating types include epoxy, silica, polyurethane and acrylic chemical families. It might seem as if the wisest choice would be one of the hardest coatings, especially since these often have longer warranties. However, you can get into expensive trouble if you’re not aware of what will realistically happen to tile and grout coatings over time – and what the warranty may or may not cover.

Although some restoration providers would like for you to believe otherwise, a protective coating is subject to wear and tear and must be maintained and refreshed periodically. How frequently depends on factors like the amount of foot traffic it receives. There are some companies that claim their coating or shield will never need to be replaced and offer long-term warranties on the longevity of the installation. Because of this, many would assume that a long-term warranty for one of the hardest coatings would ensure your surfaces’ appearance and durability for the longest period of time. But study the warranty carefully – what is actually being guaranteed?

Does the warranty cover damages or defects, or does it just guarantee the coating on the surface will stay intact? A “permanent” coating may sound like a great value, but what happens if the coating is worn, damaged or fails? Can it be repaired or removed? Many of these types of coatings have to be sanded or abraded off – a situation that’s always messy and usually expensive.

A reputable restoration provider will not promise you a “one and done” solution. Instead, they will most likely offer resources and support services to help you maintain the appearance, strength and longevity of your tile and grout surfaces. They should also offer to provide warranties on their work. If a warranty promises high performance for a long period of time without further expense down the road, beware. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Properly restored floors can be an excellent value, but you need to know exactly what you are getting and have realistic expectations about its permanence. Over the long run, renewable and repairable restorations can be more economical because they avoid the need for the expensive removal and total replacement required when supposedly “permanent” coatings actually fail. When you choose a maintainable restorative coating, with periodic maintenance, your tile will continue to look beautiful.