A facility’s restrooms are the source of more than 80% of complaints. Restoring the tile and grout can eliminate the vast majority of those complaints.

Franchise Opportunities in Tile and Grout Restoration

During the past decade, the tile and grout restoration industry has erupted, spawning a wide array of business opportunities. These range from residential to commercial businesses and simple cleaning to full restoration systems. There is money to be made in all sectors, but finding the right fit for your expectations and investment capabilities is generally the key to becoming profitable. The concept of franchising has made entering the tile and grout cleaning or restoration business relatively easy, but you have to study the opportunity carefully to see what type of technical training, support and marketing assistance you will receive.

To Seal or Not to Seal

The average person views tile and grout surfaces as a very durable flooring choice that will require minimal maintenance – you sweep, you mop, and once in a while you scrub with a floor machine.

Savvy facilities managers know better.

Beware of Unrealistic Tile Restoration Warranties

Restoration systems for tile and grout surfaces emerged about fifteen years ago and can be a great resource for restoring and preserving older tile. If you have tile surfaces that are still structurally sound, but have become soiled and don’t look attractive any more, restoration can make your tile look like new again.

Restoring Tile and Grout – Choosing the Right Solution

Tile and grout are difficult to keep clean, primarily because of their porous nature. But thanks to recent innovations in restoration technology, not only is it possible to make structurally sound – but unattractive – tile and grout look new, the restored tile and grout will be easier to maintain than the original surface was.


What Types of Cleaning Damages Tile and Grout Floors?

Tile and grout floors, particularly in restrooms and food service areas, are a big source of customer complaints for building service professionals. Dingy tile, discolored grout lines, foul odors… these issues occur time and time again with tile and grout surfaces.